To kick off our virtual 38th annual Wildflower Run, we invited ultra-marathoner and sports nutritionist Dr. Stephanie Howe to talk to us about nutrition. Enjoy this free webinar in which Stephanie shares the fundamentals of good nutrition and her philosophy related to eating, both for day-to-day nutrition and for training and recovery.

As a professional athlete, Stephanie has created a special niche for herself by focusing on how to use nutrition to enhance running endurance. Her expertise in nutrition and exercise physiology has made her a proponent of using “real foods” to provide nutrition for athletic performance. She doesn’t believe in extreme diets and instead recommends eating enjoyable, uncomplicated foods.

Besides being a coach and professional athlete, Dr. Howe is a new mom with an infant son. This has led her to apply her nutrition expertise to herself while pregnant.  Other pregnant women runners should find her nutrition and running advice very useful.  If you’re a runner, or know a runner who is a child, teen, adult or senior, you’ll want to join her Webinar or listen to a recording of her talk.