Wildflower Run Committee

The Wildflower Run Committee is responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the annual Wildflower Run. We are the largest running event in California completely staffed and run by volunteers (versus hiring a management company). This means we are able to maximize our proceeds from the run, all of which are directed toward programming in support of equity and education for women and girls.

If you are an AAUW Morgan Hill branch member, we are counting on you to join other members of the branch in volunteering for the Wildflower Run in some capacity. Following is a list of Run areas of responsibility. Those with an **  require several people on the committee. In particular, we need 40 course marshals (an uncomplicated race-day job). If you are interested in helping in any specific area (listed below), please contact the individual in charge of that area or email volunteers@WildflowerRun.org.

If you are not a member of AAUW and would like to volunteer, we have many community members help, and we would love to have your participation! In particular, let us know if you are interested in being a course marshal or in volunteering at a water stop. Please contact a committee chair below or email Pat Toombs and Sherrie Wren at Volunteer to find a match for your interests. Thank you for your support!

Run Co-Directors
Joy Safakish
Bobbie Erb
**2K (Inclusive, all-age Run/Walk)) TBD 2k@WildflowerRun.org
**2K (Kids 10 and under Run) TBD 2k@WildflowerRun.org
Annual Giving Campaign (Member Donations) Janet Wright donations@WildflowerRun.org
Banners Yvonne Randolph banners@WildflowerRun.org
– County – Roads
– County – Env Health
– City of MH
– Misc
Susan Persing
Sheila Dunwoodie
Sue Olt
Tammy Parker
Marian Sacco
**Corporate Sponsors Amy Whelan sponsors@WildflowerRun.org
**Course Susan Persing
Nancy Altman
Finish Fest Krisse Boursier finishfest@WildflowerRun.org
**Flyer Distribution TBD flyers@WildflowerRun.org
Goodie Bags (Kids 10 and under) Kim Gardner goodie bags@WildflowerRun.org
Graphics / Print Material Elizabeth Mandel graphics@WildflowerRun.org
Greeters Janet McElroy greeters@WildflowerRun.org
**Hospitality – Pre-Run Karen MacDonald hospitality@WildflowerRun.org
In Kind Sponsors TBD inkind@WildflowerRun.org
**Kids’ Activities at Finish Fest
– Science Activities
– Kids’ Zone
Susan Hines
Linda Martinez
– Community Outreach / Electronic Publicity
– Social Media
Elizabeth Mandel
Suman Ganapathy
MC Marian Sacco mc@WildflowerRun.org
Medals Marilyn Pifer medals@WildflowerRun.org
Muscle in the Morning Vicky Reader
Parking Lot Management Heather Poore parkinglot@WildflowerRun.org
Photography Susan Brazelton photography@WildflowerRun.org
**Prizes Elsa Walton prizes@WildflowerRun.org
**Registration Sandy Stoob
Lori Mains
Roadshow (Entertainers) Liz Panetta Melone safeth@WildflowerRun.org
Safety Joy Safakish schoolcomp@WildflowerRun.org
School Competition (Rubber Duckie) Susan Gabbard schoolcomp@WildflowerRun.org
**Snacks for Runners Karen MacDonald hospitality@WildflowerRun.org
Sound System TBD sound@WildflowerRun.org
T-Shirts Doris Fredericks
Jill Paveza
Treasurer Peggy Martin
Tessy Albin
Volunteer Coordinators
– Member Volunteers
– Community Volunteers
Pat Toombs
Sherrie Wren
Water for Runners TBD water@WildflowerRun.org
**Water Stops Tessy Albin waterstops@WildflowerRun.org
Website Elizabeth Mandel
Alissa Crispin