Education & Equity for Women and Girls

The Wildflower Run is a 501(c)3 non-profit event, completely organized and staffed by branch and community volunteers; every dollar above and beyond the cost of putting on the event goes to individuals and organizations in support of our mission.

While our first Wildflower Run raised just $1000, the event has grown steadily, enabling us to continually expand the number of scholarships we offer and the number of organizations and programs we support. Since 1984, AAUW Morgan Hill’s annual Wildflower Run has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of education and equity for women and girls. Wildflower Fund allocations (a combination of Wildflower Run registrations, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations) reached a record $74,000 in 2022.

Our Community Outreach: 5 Focus Areas:

Scholarships and Grants – We offer a variety of scholarships and grants for local women with financial need, including scholarships for high school seniors, for students returning to start or complete college after a break in their education, and targeted healthcare or STEM scholarships. We also offer grants to previous scholarship recipients, supporting them until they complete their undergraduate education. Learn more.

Leadership Programs for Women & Girls

  • The Young Women Leaders is dedicated group of high school and college women, mentored by AAUW Morgan Hill, who work to equip young girls in Morgan Hill with leadership skills. They focus on leadership in social justice, equity for young women, and climate change. Learn more at Young Women Leaders.
  • Leadership Morgan Hill – Each year we sponsor participation of one or more local women in this leadership development program.
  • Other AAUW national or California programs such as the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Community Action Grants – We award grants to local non-profit organizations and public schools for specific programs or projects that are in support of AAUW’s mission of equity for women and girls. Learn more.

STEM Opportunities for Girls – Our major ongoing STEM commitment is Tech Trek. Each year we send eight girls from Morgan Hill public middle schools to this one-week science camp at a local university. Learn more.

National AAUW Programs – AAUW provides educational opportunities and equity for women and girls through research, public policy legal advocacy,  and support of fellowship and grants programs. A portion of each year’s Wildflower Run proceeds are directed to this national programming. Learn more.

See below for the specific individuals and organizations that we have supported over the years.