2001-2008 Wildflower Fund Recipients

Following is a partial list of scholarship recipients for the years 2001-2008. (We are researching details in the hopes of more completely capturing our scholarship award history.) In the years 2001 to 2008 Wildflower Fund monies (run registrations, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations) were allocated to the following:

Provide scholarships to high school girls graduating from Morgan Hill Unified School District (MHUSD) schools.

Jessica Harris Live Oak High School CSU Long Beach Fashion Merchandising
Christine Mendoza Live Oak High School San Jose State University International Business
Tracia Motter Live Oak High School Business
Justine Pingue Live Oak High School San Jose State University Occupational Therapy
Dana Cline Live Oak High School University of Reno Nutrition & Photography
Katie Peterson Live Oak High School San Jose State University Business Marketing
Katherine Thompson Live Oak High School San Jose State University Biochemical Engineering
Christy Serpa Central High School Gavilan Community College Psychology
Yvette Elizonda Central High School Gavilan Community College Pediatric Nursing
Lisa Wu Live Oak High School
Sarah Gauli Central High School
Lauren Martin Central High School

Provide scholarships to local women attending Gavilan College.

2008 Adrianna Martine Gavilan Community College
2008 Veronica Barraza Gavilan Community College
2008 Adriana Martinez Gavilan Community College
2007 Carlene Rousseau Gavilan Community College
2006 Lisa Black Gavilan Community College
2006 Amy Marseline Gavilan Community College
2005 Jacqueline Tomacci Vargas Gavilan Community College Gavilan Community College Nursing
2004 Anita Grijalva Gavilan Community College CSU Monterey Bay Education
2002 Linda Perry Gavilan Community College San Jose State University Education
2001 Kelli Regan Gavilan Community College

NEW in 2001: Provide scholarships to send MHUSD Middle School students to Tech Trek, an AAUW-sponsored one week math and science summer camp at Stanford University for middle school girls.

NEW in 2002: Support Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS), a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) after-school enrichment program, sponsored by AAUW Morgan Hill and consisting of monthly field trips, lectures, and other programs. GEMS is free and open to all girls in the Morgan Hill Unified School District in grades 8 through 12.

Underwrite national AAUW priorities. These include graduate fellowships for women, community action grants, pioneering research, public policy advocacy, legal advocacy, and leadership programs.

In addition, a branch endowment, the $100,000 Blaine/Cate Endowment for Graduate Fellowships (#1802) was completed in 2001. It funds an annual graduate or postgraduate fellowship.

2007-08 Tovis E. Page Ph.D. Religion Harvard University Through Her We Are Saved: Women and Nature in Catholic Agrarian and Environmentalist Movements in the United States, 1940-2006
2006-07 Stacey L. Van Dahm Ph.D. Comparative Literature UC Santa Barbara Outside in America: Soviet and Cuban Exile—Narration of Belonging in the United States During the Cold War
2005-06 Chloe W. Smith Ph.D.English University of Virginia Examining clothing’s importance as a material object, a “habit” that offers tangible and tactile ways to negotiate 18th-century life.
2004-05 Casandra L. Rauser Ph.D.Biology UC Irvine Examining patterns of female fertility in populations of fruit flies.

The first recipient of the Blaine Cate fellowship was Kirsten Blount-Matthews in 2002.