Check out the many awesome Wildflower Run Medals!

New this year, our overall winner medals now feature our unique poppy-mountain logo. Overall winner medals are presented to first, second, and third places (male and female) for the following four events: Kids’ 2k, 5k Run, 5k Stroller/Baby Jogger, and 10k Run. Stickers on the back identify the event and the year.

Age group winners in the 5k Run and the 10k Run  (first, second, and third; female and male) are all presented with our traditional poppy medal. Age groups for both events are: 12 and under, 13-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+. Stickers on the back identify tthe event, the year, and the age group.

NEW in 2023: While the Senior 2K is not billed as a competitive event, we know some of you like to compete. So we will also be adding these medals for first, second, and third, female and male in the Senior 2K. Medals will be presented at the track, after the Senior 2K. Stickers on the back will identify the event and the year.

ALL participants in the Kids’ 2k Fun Run (for ages 10 and under) receive a specially designed annual medal that matches the year’s t-shirt design. These little ones do a great job, making it around the school track 5 times, and we applaud them!

NEW in 2023: All other Kinds 10 and under (those in the 5K Walk, 5K Run, and 10K Run) will ALSO receive these kids’ medals. After your event, come to the t-shirt table at the Finish Fest, and we’ll check you off our list and give you your medal.