AAUW Members chairing various aspects of the Wildflower Run

The Wildflower Run is organized and executed by the Morgan Hill branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). We have no paid staff, which keeps our expenses down and maximizes funds raised for scholarships. While the bulk of our volunteers are our members with their friends and family, we have many other volunteer opportunities. Click below for some of our favorite volunteer photos. How would you like to participate?



AAUW Morgan Hill Volunteers

Click here for a committee list and contact the individual in charge of the committee on which you would like to participate. If you are not sure where you would like to work, contact our AAUW Wildflower Run volunteer coordinator, Janet McElroy, at volunteer@WildflowerRun.org. We expect all branch members to assist in some capacity, either in advance or on race day.


Boy Scout Troop 730 has been there in the wee hours for many years. Other MIM include high school clubs from Live Oak, Sobrato, and other high schools.

Students: Muscle In the Morning (MIM)

We welcome high school club members, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts (with their leaders). Live Oak High School FBLA (with leader Kiki Nakauchi) and Boy Scout Troop 730 (with leaders Lynn Liebschutz and Scott Jensen) have been mainstays of MIM for many years and we value their participation immensely. Thank you to Sobrato’s CSF and Key Clubs for their record 2018 participation (over 30 students with volunteer coordinator Austin Hoang), Other schools and clubs that have participated include GECA (Gilroy Early College Academy), SJSU (a shout out to former LOHS FBLA student Naromy Ramirez), Westmont High School CSF, and Pacific Point Christian students. To volunteer your club’s participation or if you are a high school student wanting to do community service, please email Vicky Reader at mim@WildflowerRun.org.

MIM volunteers are given clear direction: Tasks include early set up with vehicle unloading for hospitality, t-shirts and registration. MIM volunteers also set up tables and chairs, place stanchions and the podium, and hang banners, both in the registration area and at the Finish Fest. They move supplies (t-shirts, water, and snacks) from the registration area to the Finish Fest after the events have started. Volunteers may also be asked to help give out goodie bags, snacks, and t-shirts at the Finish Fest and check off receipt of Jamba Juice by runners. If time permits, they cheer runners in. Finally, they tear down the registration and Finish Fest areas, remove signs, fold tables and chairs, bring supplies to designated areas, and help return the school campus to pre-run state by cleaning up.

Here are just a few of Morgan Hill’s community leaders helping in the parking lot.

Parking Lot Posse

We are fortunate each year in having Morgan Hill community leaders manage parking lot traffic. Volunteers have included Chamber of Commerce members, School Board members, City Council members, the MHUSD Superintendent, and more. Responsibilities include setting out (and collecting) parking lot directional A-frames, roping off various areas for the 5K and 10K starts, and directing traffic. Volunteers are provided with safety vests and walkie talkies. NOTE: This is an early morning activity–you can work in the parking lot and finish in time to run the 5K or 10k. To volunteer, please contact Mary Cox at parkinglot@WildflowerRun.org.

African drummer Mike Fair keeps the runners energized!

Roadshow – Entertainment!

Members of Morgan Hill’s Taiko drummers provide welcome energy along the route for both the 5K and the 10K. They give a little added boost to the 5K runners on their home stretch!

If you aren’t a runner, you can still join the fun! We are looking for musicians (individuals or combos), singers, dancers, drummers, or other acts to liven up the route. The runners love the entertainment! You will need to be set up by 9:00 am or so (at the start of the 10K and will wrap up before 11:00. Contact Elizabeth Mandel at entertainment@WildflowerRun.org to offer entertainment to our runners and spectators along our scenic route.