Virtual Teams

More than ever, during this pandemic, we need to keep healthy and stay connected. Now that our traditional Wildflower Run is going virtual in 2021, here’s a chance for you to double the fun and win prizes through virtual teams.

What is a Virtual Team and why should you be in one?

Participating in a race is so much more fun with family, friends, colleagues, or new friends-in-waiting. While our normal routines have been disrupted, virtual team members can stay connected digitally through training and the race. They can even participate in fun challenges through running apps or social media.

Looking for ways to keep your training fun and engaging? We strongly encourage you to follow us on social media, where we will be posting challenges which will give you points toward prizes.

Your virtual team can help and keep you accountable in your fitness goals whether it’s for 2K, 5K or 10K, walking or running. Virtually train together, challenge each other, and then run together, while supporting a great cause. You will have the opportunity to win some great prizes too!

What is a Virtual Private Team?

A private team can be as small as two people. Create a special name and a unique password and invite potential members. Put a team together from members of your family, neighborhood, church, school, business office, club, gym, organization, or friends. Your team could include friends and families who live far away, or those living nearby but who are not in your social bubble.Optionally, prepay for one or more additional members of your team

Can I Join an Existing Public Team?

Signing up for an already public established virtual team provides a great opportunity to build a virtual community of runners and walkers who support one another through the training and racing experience and maybe meet some new people. It is also a perfect way to keep the group motivated and accountable, and to form new friendships. You can join existing public teams, meet, and train with like-minded people, virtually. The existing teams will be visible during the registration process. Existing public teams include:

  • Running For Gender Equity
  • Walking Warriors
  • I Love Morgan Hill

Can I Create a public team?

Not seeing a public team that appeals to you? Start your own, give it a unique name, and designate it a public team. Once we see your great new public team, we will promote it in our social media platforms

Have even more fun and win prizes too!

Post your team picture or collage and your progress (daily or weekly); tell us about your team and your training for our social media (creative names contest, costumes, selfies, social media etc.)’; post your results for even more prize entries.

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