Congratulations to all our prize winners!

You will receive your prize (mail or delivery) by the end of April. Questions? Contact

Type of Prize Winner Prize Details
Pre-event 1 Alexandra Mandel GVA – $20
Pre-event 2 Layla Bathija Thinker Toys – $20
Early bird 1 Penelope Jachimowicz Snowee Rolls – $10
Early bird 2 Cassandra Heropoulos Coffee Guys – $10
Early bird 3 Nicolyna Enrique Lawson Bakery – $10
Early bird 4 Jeff McMillan Coffee Guys – $10
Early bird 5 Selena Stribling Lawson Bakery – $10
Event Drawing Josh Jachimowicz Ladera Restaurant – $25
Event Drawing Elysabeth Robleto Betsy’s Restaurant – $25
Event Drawing Edna Robison Mama Mia’s  – $25
Event Drawing Melissa Scatena BookSmart – $25
Event Drawing Cynthia Iwanaga Peet’s – $20
Event Drawing Jennifer Murrill 2 Guglielmo Wines
Event Drawing Emily Mandel Yahoo – $25
Event Drawing Katherine Canning BookSmart – $25
Event Drawing Samantha McDonald Stems – $25
Event Drawing Anne Kappmeyer BookSmart – $25
Event Drawing Danny Gonterman 2 Guglielmo Wines
Event Drawing Jennifer D’Amico Foot Solutions – $25
Event Drawing Colin Bailie 2 Guglielmo Wines
Event Drawing Mark Mason 2 Guglielmo Wines
Event Drawing Katy Escobedo Bath & Bodyworks – $25
Event Drawing Kathyrn Heitman 2 Guglielmo Wines
Event Drawing Aidan Stevenson 2 Guglielmo Wines
Event Drawing Donna Bookbinder Chico’s – $40
Event Drawing Tracy Cruz Simmons Nick the Greek – $20
Event Drawing Pat Eppard Chili’s – $20
Event Drawing Masko Kellar Whisky Set – $30
Event Drawing Nancy Altman Andy’s Orchard – $25
Event Drawing Michael Murrill Noah’s Restaurant – $20
Event Drawing Andreas Serrano Bike Therapy – $20
Event Drawing Maryam Afshar BookSmart – $30
Event Drawing Kay Duffy 2 SVCT Tickets –  $56
Event Drawing Kim Eppard BookSmart – $30
Event Drawing Mark Stevenson Rosy’s at the Beach – $20
Event Drawing Kristy Swander 2 SVCT Tickets – $56
Event Drawing Marleen Sloper Bubbles  $20
Youth Grand Prize 1 Layla Bathija WERC Classroom Visit
Youth Grand Prize 2 Harper Williams WERC Classroom Visit
Grand Prize (2nd) Emily Shem-Tov Guglielmo’s PR tasting for 6
Grand Prize (1st) Caitlin Jachimowicz Tibetan dinner for 8


Show off your awesome costume!

Choose a scenic route!

Prize Opportunities Through April 5

Thank you for participating in the Wildflower Run and supporting our great causes! Don’t forget you can still win prizes!

Submit Your Results

Email us at with a picture of your recorded time/s and name/s bib number/s associated with the time/s. You will receive 2 prize drawing entries just for submitting your results!.

Dozens of Participation Prizes!

After you finish your Wildflower Run event, post a public short comment and a photo/selfie of yourself. to our Facebook and/or Instagram. Use the hashtag #WFR2021Prizes. (If posting for someone else, please include their name or bib number so we can assign a drawing entry to them.) Alternately, you may email your comment and picture to, and we will post it for you. You may submit pictures and comments in as many categories as you want, with each entry in each unique category entitling you to one (1) drawing entry per category and increasing your chances to win a prize. (See categories below.)

Two (2) Adult Grand Prizes! (Drawing from all social media participants)

  • Grand prize – Elegant, authentic Tibetan dinner for 8, delivered. (Recipient must be able to pick up if more than one hour from Morgan Hill, CA). SEE DETAILS.
  • Second grand prize – Private cellar tour and wine tasting for 6. (Recipient must travel to Morgan Hill, CA for this prize)

Two (2) Youth Grand Prizes! (Drawing from all youth social media participants)

Categories for Social Media Posts (Photos or Videos)

All participants have multiple opportunities for entries in our drawings when they post to our Facebook or to Instagram! Be sure to tag your post with #WFR2021Prizes so we don’t miss your entry! Alternately, you may email your comment and picture to and we will post it for you.

  • Be sure to specify in your post the category to which you are entering your post. (e.g. Best #1 or Team #3).
  • Individuals or team members wishing to receive a drawing in the category much be in the submitted photo.
  • A unique photo must be submitted for each category for which you are requesting a drawing entry..
  • You may submit a photo with multiple people in it and list all people (names or bib numbers) in the photo for each individual in the photo to receive an entry.
  • Use the hashtags #WildflowerRun and #WFR2021Prizes to ensure we record your entry.
  • Questions? Contact

For Everyone: The Best!

  1. Most picturesque route
  2. Funniest/wittiest message (with your picture(s))
  3. Best positive social message (with your picture(s))
  4. Best slogan comment for gender equity (with your picture(s))
  5. Best runner/walker with pet
  6. Best runner/walker and pet in costume

Individuals (whether or not part of a team)

  1. Post any photo/video of you participating in the Wildflower Run
  2. Get a bonus entry if you post a photo or video of yourself in costume
  3. Get a bonus entry if you post a photo or video of yourself wearing a creative Covid mask

Virtual Team or Family Members Only

Each team member will receive, per category below, one (1) drawing entry (in addition to the one you each received for joining a virtual team) when you post a team-related picture and comment:

  1. Share your creative team name
  2. Teams with participants from more than one state
  3. Creative team costume
  4. Team photo or collage or video
  5. Youth team
  6. Team with multiple generations

Rock your category!

Run with a pet!

About the Prizes

  • We have over 40 prizes (mostly gift cards) to award.
  • Gift cards from Morgan Hill restaurants and local businesses were purchased by the AAUW Morgan Hill Wildflower Run committee from establishments that have generously donated to the Run in the past. This is our way to both give back both to our loyal donors during this pandemic and make it exciting for our participants.
  • In addition, some prizes have been donated by local businesses and community members.
  • Not a local? Don’t worry, you will receive easily redeemable gift cards to national or online organizations.